Joseph Carlin Hersey Company

With three decades of experience building organizations, Joseph Carlin is an established finance executive. Before starting his own real estate redevelopment company, Carlin developed skills in all financial aspects ranging from forecasting and modeling, budget management, and management reporting to auditing, mergers and acquisitions, and income statement analysis. He worked in various analysis and financial positions for multiple Fortune 500 companies and implemented more efficient pricing strategies and more advantageous production and manufacturing contracts. Whether it involves the finance of launching a new product, Carlin loves the initial challenge of starting a new project. He started his real estate business because he appreciates taking an idea and turning it into something physical. His company allows him to create things with his own two hands and views it as a gratifying hobby.

Joseph Carlin currently resides in Hummelstown, Pennsylvania where he enjoys golfing, camping, bowling, and spending quality time with his children. Carlin’s friends describe him as a good friend, an honest man, having a good sense of humor, and highly intelligent. He also contributes to the efforts of his charity, the Ronald McDonald House, and supports his wife’s volunteer work at the organization.