About Us

With over three decades of experience in business, Joseph Carlin is very analytically and financially astute. He oversaw all the financial aspects of business operations for multiple Fortune 500 companies. His responsibilities included logistics, internal and external manufacturing, commodities, and supply chain management. He also implemented various financial strategies in the industry involving retail outlet businesses and their clearance pricing as well as their internal production billing and external manufacturer contracts. Carlin loves overseeing projects through to end; whether that is the finances behind launching a new product, reducing costs, or renovating potential homes. He recently established his own real estate redevelopment company and enjoys the concept of creating something with his hands. ­­Carlin also is an avid supporter of the Ronald McDonald House and helps contribute to the efforts of the organization. When he’s home in Hummelstown, Pennsylvania, Carlin enjoys spending time with his children, camping, bowling, golfing, or doing work around the house. He is described as a man with a great sense of humor, intelligent, honest, a good friend, and who is not afraid to try anything.